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  • Being members of Vivid Media Hubs Tribe SEO is working well for us. Our weekly meetings with Neil enable us to focus on the things that really make a difference, it's like having an expert in our corner. With Vivid looking after our SEO the constant advice and reporting gives us huge peace of mind. We are surging up the search rankings in our targeted areas and achieving far more than we ever imagined.

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So what is SEO and Why is it important?

Let's go to the leading experts in the field Sem Rush, they say this;

'Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is the art and science of persuading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to recommend your content to their users as the best solution to their problem'. 

If you want search engines to offer your website and content in search results (And if you're a business why wouldn't you), you need to do these things:

  1. Make sure these search engines know and completely understand who you are and what you have to offer.

  1. Convince them that you are the best option for their users.

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These search engines will always show the results they consider to be the absolute best fit for their users. This is why your website and online presence needs to be optimised with new content using proven strategies to enable your business to attract those all-important customers.

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So how do I make all this SEO magic happen?

Well, there is a lot to consider. Google for instance demands the lions share of online search traffic, up to 80% of all searches go through their search engine, they have a specific constantly updated algorithm that In their words 'organises' the web so that when one of their users asks a question they provide the very best answer.

Your website needs to be three things!

  1. Relevant, be the best answer to the question it has understood. That is relevancy in a nutshell.

  1. Trustworthy, a search engine we want to send a user to a website that it can trust that is shown to have authority on its subject and is linked to buy other trustworthy websites

  1. User-friendly, great content that is clearly displayed with great text copy, images, videos, something that is enjoyable and informative to the user.

So how does the Vivid Media Hub SEO tribe membership help?

When we build websites for our clients we make sure they are technically ready to take on this challenge and of course, if you already have a website this very often is not the case (See our free website audit). Aside from that what we were constantly getting asked by our clients is "how do I get to the top of the search rankings"? The answer to this is It's complicated!

Although there is a lot you can do there is nothing like having a professional in your corner, someone who keeps up-to-date with all the latest changes and can advise you with the very latest knowledge at hand on how to grow your business online. Someone who can be in your corner constantly making sure that you are doing everything possible to maximise your chances of appearing at the top of the organic search results. And of course, this means you get more enquiries more business and ultimately more success.

Vivid Media Hub | Tribe SEO Membership

What do you get as part of 'The Tribe'?

Analysis Stage

First, we will arrange an in-depth discovery session to find out about the business, your challenges and your goals.

Then a careful SEO review and data analysis of all aspects of your existing content with a full and detailed review of your online presence and your position in an external context (competitor research).

Once we have achieved a detailed understanding of your business and context, we share our findings and recommendations and create your initial detailed SEO strategy together in a clear, straightforward report, that details key aims, targeted keywords and phrases based on your niche and business targets, initiatives, your initial objectives and the key results required to meet them (OKR's), planned outcomes and how we will measure success. A full backlink strategy to grow your website's authority (trustworthiness) and a detailed local, national or international strategy based on your business goals.

Ongoing SEO

This will take the initial SEO strategy and expand it to a 6-month ongoing process of review and adjust. We will meet regularly via an online face to face meeting to discuss how things are going you will receive a report of how your website is performing in all key areas such as keyword ranking, page performance, organic traffic, social media performance and competitor analysis. We can then see what's working and together decide where to focus our efforts

Content Strategy Advice and Tracking

This is an ever-growing list based on the constantly changing SEO landscape. Recommendations will be given and new digital marketing ideas and extras can be discussed and recommended given including blogging, paid ads, social media posting, email marketing and video production. We will even provide a constantly updated list of trending and competitive blog subjects and titles within your sector making sure you are targeting the most important and relevant content to attract business. All will be tracked to review effectiveness.

Your very own Online Client Portal

This private area is where you can view all of the ongoing pieces of work giving you a complete overview of exactly what we are working on and what's been completed. We also include all of the strategies and tasks you have been given whether it be blog creation or social media posting etc so you can see the whole picture. SEO reports, weekly meeting notes, invoices and brand assets will also be included giving you a complete overview and history of your digital marketing efforts.

So to Recap

  • Initial full discovery session to uncover your challenges and future business goals

  • Website audit and date analysis

  • SEO ongoing strategy for a minimum of 6 months with clear objectives and key results for growth.

  • Competitor research so we know what you need to achieve to be the best

  • Backlink strategy (Links to your site from appropriate high authority websites in your niche) to expand the authority and trustworthiness of your website.

  • Weekly SEO reporting including competitor analysis and backing reporting.

  • Regular online meetings to keep up with and advise on current business strategies, online developments and to review reports.

  • Ongoing website SEO content advise, updates and blog optimising along with a constantly updated list of trending and competitive blog subjects and titles within your sector.

NOTE: The minimum 6 month SEO membership is based on the time we estimate it will take to produce solid growth, if you decide for any reason you need to cease the service you can cancel at any time. Remember SEO is a medium to long term strategy aiming at consistent growth over time.

Contact us now as we only have a limited number of tribe memberships available due to the current demand.

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