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Website Audit - How is Your Website is Performing? Where it could be improved?

  • Google is God! The trick to getting into heaven is working out what God wants!

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Why do I need a website audit?

The internet today has an estimated 1.83 billion websites an astronomical amount. Some are getting thousands of visitors a day and generating millions in revenue while others might as well be on the moon.

There are many reasons for this but a broken site that is not set up to maximise its full potential accounts for a huge proportion of the websites gathering moon dust.

Is yours one of them? Or do you wonder why your competitors are getting plenty of customers from the internet and you don't seem to get any!

The answer could be that your website has errors the result being search engines such as Google consider your site sub standard. This in turn means you will no show up in search for questions being asked by your potential customers.

The good news is many of these faults can be fixed. There is always a chance that your website is technically fine and but you need to focus on content.

Vivid Mediahub Totnes Devon - Website Audit

Is your website is fine or broken, you need to know!

Search engines will always show the results they consider to be the absolute best fit for their users. This is why your website and online presence needs to be technically correct and fully optimised.

It is also great to regularly add new content using proven strategies to enable your business to attract those all-important customers. If you are interested in having a professional in your corner full time then joining our SEO tribe could be for you but if you just want to know how your website is performing read on.

Your Free Website Audit from Vivid Media Hub.What do I get?

Now all of this seems a little complicated and for those of you that are technically minded some of it could very well make sense. However don't worry we will break it down for you in a full report highlighting the most important areas that need to be fixed followed by areas with warnings and then some recommendations. We will keep the final report simple straightforward and understandable.

Vivid Media Hub Totnes Devon - Website Audit Sample
Vivid Media Hub Totnes Devon - Website Audit Sample

  • We will crawl every page of your website to searching for issues.
  • Test your domains are working as they should
  • Technical Errors such as: Making sure your canonical and hreflang tags are set up correctly, check redirect settings, and find duplicate pages. On top of that, analyze pages with 3xx, 4xx and 5xx status codes, as well as those blocked by robots.txt or marked with the noindex tag.
  • Meta Tags and Headers
  • Find pages with missing or duplicate meta tags. Configuring the optimal title and description tag length will ultimately allow you to identify tags that are too long or too short.
  • Website Loading Speed
  • Check how quickly a website loads up on mobile devices and Internet browsers and, if it’s taking too long, get Google recommendations on how to optimize it.
  • Image Analysis
  • Scan every image on a website and see if any are missing an alt tag or have the 404 error. Plus, find out if any images are too large and, as a result, slow down the site’s loading speed.
  • Internal Links
  • Find out how many internal links there are on a website, their source and destination pages, as well as whether or not they contain the nofollow tag. Knowing how internal links are spread out across the site will help you improve it.
  • Comprehensive reporting down to the last pixel
  • Get actionable insights on any SEO issue that may appear.

And finally what do I do with this website audit?

Once the full report has been produced in PDF format and we present our findings the rest is up to you.

You can:

  • Take the report to any SEO professional and have them fix the issues for you, you may already have someone who looks after your website.

  • Have a go at fixing the issues yourself (Not really recommended unless you are a very technical type)

  • Speak to us for a one off quotation to rectify these issues

  • Join our fantastic and ever growing SEO tribe and we will fix the issues and then look after your ongoing web presence and search performance creating steady and reliable growth.

  • You can dance and celebrate your healthy site safe in the knowledge your web presence is purring like a Ferrari.

Vivid Media Hub Totnes Devon - Healthy SEO report

Contact us now for further information and to book your free website audit.

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