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Web Design

Web design is about so much more than colour, design and function. It’s about sharing a story worth hearing, your unique vision, and getting your message to the right people.

92 % customers view your website before making direct contact with your business. The digital landscape is bigger than ever. Choosing the right tools and approach to deliver a successful, results-led digital presence needs an agency that knows their stuff.

We offer much more than one-off design - a full-circle digital partnership; collaboration, guidance and execution from conception to completion and throughout the life of your business, and a full range of integrated web solutions including;

Vivid Media Hub: Web Design

Every Web Design project starts with developing a relationship and a deep understanding of your style, brand and aspirations. We work hand in hand with you to create a digital identity for your business that brings to life your vision with captivating, stand out aesthetics out front and purposeful architecture behind the scenes.

  • When something has been designed really well, it has an understated, effortless beauty and it really works

    Sarah Susanka Architect.


A unique brand identity, name and logo goes a long way in establishing your brand as a market leader. Blending shapes, typography, materials and colour palettes, we bring together the perfect combination of elements to help you establish a strong presence from the start of your new venture or breathe new life into your existing brand.

As consumers grow more conscientious of the businesses they buy from, having a brand that resonates with your buyer persona is crucial and so part of our work together is to ensure branding reflects a clear marketing strategy to ensure longer and stronger connections with your target market.

Vivid Media Hub: Brand Identity

As with all our work therefore, successful branding starts with developing a relationship and a deep understanding of your style, inspiration and aspirations. We’re here to cultivate you and capitalise on what makes you great.

  • To be successful, we have to design not just for brands but for the people interacting with them.

Print Design

Through the alchemy of design, colour, texture, photography, illustration, typography and finish, our aim is to elevate your business or product above the crowd.

Print design is part of the orchestra of your brand identity and ensuring continuity and relevance to all the elements of your business and vision, down to the smallest detail, is key.

We can design and manage your print supply needs for packaging, flyers, leaflets, business and post-cards, brochures, posters.. even billboards.

We offer a complete partnership service, from collaboration, guidance, concept development to production and throughout the life of your business, whether you’re launching a new business or product or feel it’s time to refresh your current style, we relish the challenge of every new design brief.

  • A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Graphic Designer

Photography & Film

Imagery is often crucial to the success of a design project. Images reflect the key aspects of the brand and personalise the web or print experience, giving the customer a critical feel, a sense experience. Increasingly, video content can also play an important role in engaging users and offers exciting opportunities to enable a more intimate experience of your business or product.

The quality and relevance of photography and film sends an important message to your customers about your overall brand. and as a result, sometimes, new material is needed. If that’s the case, we can provide photography, video production and filmmakers that we work with on a regular basis. Working as we always do, in close partnership, we ensure everyone is briefed on the client, the project and what we need to highlight and achieve in each shoot and edit.

  • A great image doesn’t show what something looks like, but what it feels like

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is like marmite for business owners. Some embrace it – some with rather eat rocks. It’s not surprising. It’s a constantly evolving medium, with lots of jargon, options and data. Whatever, your view, as a modern business owner, you cannot afford to be a rock-eater.
Producers and consumers have moved far beyond the days of the simple exchange of currency for goods. Your on-line activity across all channels need to speak to your audience in a way that resonates with your brand identity and values and is both authentic and purposeful.
The good news is, it is easy to get the results you want if you get the right advice and support. It’s very easy to spend large amounts of hard-earnt money on paid-for advertising and precious time posting content, but effective digital marketing, that curates a balanced and targeted range of activities can deliver huge returns – bringing you greater customer awareness, conversion and retention – you just need a clear strategy, roadmap and goals.
We offer both strategic and production partner services and for every client, a bespoke roadmap that is perfectly tailoured to your goals, now and over the long-term


STEP 1: EXPLORATION. If you want to better understand your current digital performance and the opportunities you could be missing out on, you’ll need a fresh and experienced pair of eyes to look at all aspects of your existing content and website; Internal landscape (Business strategy, brand identity, unique qualities, user personas and customer journeys); and External Context (Industry trends, competitor research and customer research).

STEP 2: IDEATION & INSIGHTS. Once we’ve achieved a detailed understanding of your business and context, we share our findings and brainstorm your planned digital transformation.

STEP 3: STRATEGY. From our shared insights, we create a unique Digital Marketing roadmap, that details key aims, initiatives, milestones and measurement (ROI’s, KPI’s). Each recommended initiative will consider the current capability , new requirements, planned outcomes, success metrics (including targets), timescales and resourcing/ budget.

STEP 4: REFINEMENT. You approve the final adjustments including budget and timescales.

STEP 5: REPORTING & ADJUSTING. Closing the loop. Each month we report to you and make data-driven recommendations to ensure your activities are attuned to your customer behaviour and all your activities get maximum reach and impact.

FINALLY: We use monthly price plans to ensure you have complete control and can really see the results you are paying for.

  • Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first!

  • Neil at Vivid has a great ability to listen to his customer and is passionate about steering each company into the spotlight and defining itself through ‘head turning’ branding. We are certainly being noticed by some big names in our industry due to Vivid Mediahub's great work. 'Thank you' doesn’t seem enough.

  • We feel incredibly lucky to have Vivid Mediahub onboard... they have created the most STUNNING e-commerce website that operates smoothly on all devices.

  • Vivid Mediahub are creative professionals who have crafted a website that reflects our brand perfectly. They quickly understood our brief and from our original concept built a contemporary looking, slick website that surpassed our expectations. we now have a strong online presence and we stay consistently at the top of the google rankings with the site constantly evolving. The clear pricing structure meant I felt confident that we could stay on budget and the results are outstanding. It's a no brainer!


Vivid Mediahub: The Wild Fig


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Vivid Mediahub: Sounds-Of-Wings


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Vivid Mediahub: Michael Barnes London


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Our journey has developed in the same way as so many of our great clients. Once, we were a one-person dream (Neil’s!) in an attic office then and now, a digital creative design agency built on collaboration (and quite a lot of hard work and relentless determination).



Relationships and collaboration are the foundation of our way of working. With our clients, community and each other, this approach allows us limitless perspectives and ideas and helps us challenge and support one another to be awesome – and then some more awesome, with some extra awesomeness sprinkled over the top.


We always offer a budget-conscious, flexible set of options to businesses to ensure our clients have choice and control at all times. No hidden extras, no complicated jargon. We just deliver as promised, however tight the deadline or big the ask.


We have worked with many amazing clients over the years from talented entrepreneurs planning their dreams on the school run to established businesses looking to re-invigorate their brand. We recognise that for some, thinking about a digital presence and strategy can be daunting and for others, part of a clear, strategic plan. Whatever part of the journey your business is on, we will connect in the way you need and support you all the way. We are honoured that most of our clients have become established relationships and there is no bigger reward than to see their dreams burn brighter and brighter.


Beyond our ‘prime directive’, we have a love of our local community and are strongly invested in its future. We are always looking for new ways to support local businesses, organisations and future generations and provide a range of opportunities for young people to undertake work experience, apprenticeships and training with us, ‘take-over’ days to showcase local enterprise and master classes and training to support confidence with technology and allow people to experience the positive connections that it and the web can offer.

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